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Fine Art

Renowned Master Photographer and Artist ELISABETH is a true romantic who looks for the beauty in life to transform into art.

Elisabeth gets her inspiration from her subjects. She is always looking for a way to create a timeless image that captures the essence of her Subject's personality and soul or to capture the breath taking quality of a scene and portray it to the world as a piece of art.

Elisabeth captures her images with a Nikon camera with a wide assortment of lenses. When creating a portrait, she uses studio strobes with large soft boxes to produce gentle light or she uses natural window light. When shooting outdoors, she seeks to capture the most beautiful light, typically in the early morning or an hour before sunset. "I usually have a preconceived idea of what I want my finished image to look like after I first look at my subject. I have an intuitive sense of what steps I need to take to go through the creative process. I have bee fortunate in always having a great sense of exactly when to press the shutter release on the camera. When I have captured the special qualities of someone, I've captured a glimpse of their soul or I've captured the magic of a moment in time … then I take that image to the level of art! I know that I've created a true piece of art when my completed image makes my heart sing! This is my gift and I love that I have something wonderful to share with the world and that I can provide my Clients with a high quality one- of- a- kind portrait , scenic or still life like no one else can and that they will treasure it forever!"

She transforms her captured images into works of art. Some become beautifully retouched & manipulated photographs and some become hand painted giclee watercolors or oil paintings. She uses cutting edge digital technology to create her images. First, she makes a raw scan of digital file, the using her technical and artistic expertise to make time intensive and meticulous changes until she is happy with the results. If she is making a watercolor painting, she uses an artist's palette that records into her computer every stroke, the brush she is using, the type of paint and the blending and drying techniques. This final proof which mirrors the original now becomes the new master from which the limited edition series is created. Then the final image is printed using state of the art printing processes and 100 year archival inks on 100% cotton archival canvas or on fine watercolor paper. Elisabeth then hand signs and numbers each archival fine art limited edition print. These fine art pieces will last for generations under the recommended conditions. A coat of special lacquer is applied to the canvas to guard against the harmful effects of light, abrasion and water. We highly recommend that we frame your finished art piece to ensure that an elegant custom frame that complements it correctly is used.

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